A fantastic overall experience through great family atmosphere and traditional, Jewish deli food.

Owned and operated by Joey, Max’s Deli is a real NYC-style Jewish deli serving great food in a very unique and inviting atmosphere.

The red booths and checkered marble floor will put you in a New York (deli) state of mind.

Our décor is just as inviting as our staff, so once you are at Max’s Deli, you can expect to be greeted by the friendliest staff in town.

At Max’s Deli we have garnered an impressive selection of dishes that are sure to make you happy. So, what are you craving—Corned Beef sandwiches, Fried Matze, Matze Brie, Lox Platter or something else?

We grate our own cheese and brine our own brisket.

As for our ingredients, we only use locally sourced and homemade products. Our NYC-water bagels with freshly whipped Philadelphia cream cheese are immensely loved by our customers.


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